Auto-CAD Summer Training Program

Auto CAD Features

  • It’s a very efficient tool for making 2D layouts of buildings, machine and equipment, pipeline and Manufacturing Plant.autocad-min
  • Provide various tools for easy designing and drafting of layouts.
  • Provide Engineering data of design like area, perimeter, Volume.
  • Provide excellent layer feature in designing complex layouts and drawing.
  • Provide various block for fast drawing. E.g. Architecture, Mechanical, Civil, electrical etc.
  • Provide 3D designing feature too.


Why Auto CAD

engineerThere is not a single core company in world which not uses Auto-cad or its drawing in any form for erection and installation of machine, equipment, buildings and Manufacturing Plant. The Drawing are so accurate that it can be directly implemented in CNC programing for computer aided manufacturing process. Therefore its knowledge is must for any Mechanical, Electrical Civil and Engineering.


Fee charge for AutoCAD – Rs 4000

registrationClick below to submit enrollment form.  Admission will be taken on First come First serve basis , however to book your seat and time for summer course click on Pay for Registration button ( pay online Rs 100) after submitting your enrollment form, the amount will be deducted from registration fee of respective course.