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MATLAB is a high-performance language for technical computing. It integrates computation, visualization, and programming in an easy-to-use environment where problems and solutions are expressed in familiar mathematical notation. MATLAB is a fourth generation programming and today it has around fifteen million users across industry and academia.

Benefits of MATLAB

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  • MATLAB can be used to deal with voluminous data like in language identification system, speech technology etc.
  • It gives you the practical understanding of concept and theory.
  • MATLAB can call functions and subroutines written in the C programming language.
  • Libraries written in Perl, Java, ActiveX or .NET can be directly called from MATLAB.
  • MATLAB is popular among scientists involved in data analysis, mapping and image processing.
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  • An additional package, Simulink, adds graphical multi-domain simulation and Model-Based Design for dynamic and embedded systems.
  • It’s Curve Fitting Toolbox is used to identify possible curve from data of an experimental analysis.
  • Fuzzy Logic Toolbox provides MATLAB functions, apps, and matlabSimulink blocks for analyzing, designing, and simulating systems based on fuzzy logic and which can be developed further into AI(Artificial Intelligence) Systems
  • Arduino boards can be programmed using MATLAB and its special toolbox.
  • Students possessing MATLAB knowledge can go for research work in different company or organizations.
  • MATLAB today is being used by many industries either private or government to evaluate their huge data.
  • MATLAB is used by all engineering streams like Computer science, Mechanical, Electrical, Bio-Bioinformatic, Neural Networking etc.

Fee for MATLAB Course – 10,000/-

Click below to submit the enrollment form.  Admission will be taken on First come First serve basis, however, to book your seat and time for summer course click on Pay for Registration button ( pay online Rs 100) after submitting your enrollment form, the amount will be deducted from registration fee of respective course.



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