CATIA V5 (CAD/CAE) Summer Training Program

 About CATIA

turbineCATIA is a multi-platform computer-aided design(CAD)/computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)/computer-aided engineering (CAE) software suite ,Which facilitate engineers to design, simulate and analyse the product quickly and further optimize it thereby saving both time, money and resource.

Benefit of Learning CATIA

  • suspesionPerform Failure mode analysis, drafting ,B.O.M and Formula based parametric design.
  • Able to make Academic/industrial project more appealing and feasible.
  • Practical understanding in concept and theory ,perform practical of S.O.M/T.O.M/D.O.M .
  • 2D/3D Modelling of product and Machine parts along with kinematics and simulation
  • Industrial Application in product optimization.
  • Facilitate them to get Internship in reputed Companies, more qualified to get job.

What will you Learn

  • Part Design and Sketcher
    • Able to make 3D model of product and parts, applying laws and constraints, Modifying parts.
  • Parametric modelling and designing
    • Creating parameters, Assigning formula and relation to parts, Integrating with excel sheet.
  • Assembly of parts
    • Assembling different parts to make a Machine, different type of fits.
  • Mechanism and Simulation
    • Creating Different joints like revolute, cylindrical, gear, screw, rack, worm ,prismatic etc
    • Creating new Mechanism ,Simulation and generating replay sequences.
  • Knowledgeware
    • Defining Laws and rules for motion.
    • Applying Sensor for motion tracking, speed and acceleration.
    • Detecting Clash and updating design according to it.
    • Setting joints Limit and Mechanical Dress-up Features.
  • Drafting
    • Draft your Design in any format ,pdf, AutoCAD ,JPEG, stp, etc
  • Force Analysis on Design
    • Setting Boundary value condition.
    • Stress and Strain Analysis.
    • Displacement , Force , Torque and Bending Moment.


Fee charge for CATIA – Rs 6000  (without Knowledgeware)

Fee charge for CATIA – Rs 8000 ( with Knowledgeware)

registrationClick below to submit enrollment form.  Admission will be taken on First come First serve basis , however to book your seat and time for summer course click on Pay for Registration button ( pay online Rs 100) after submitting your enrollment form, the amount will be deducted from registration fee of respective course.