Programming and Coding

About Programming Language

A programming language is designed to communicate to a machine. It is used to instruct a machine to perform certain operations. More than thousands different programming languages have been created in the computer field. Some popular programming languages are C, C++, C#, Perl etc.

Useful Features :
•A programming language is used to write istructions which involve some computation or algorithm and control of external devices(printers, robots etc.).

•It contains abstractions for defining data structures or controlling computations.

Industrial Usage :
•Programming language is used for greater degree of precision and completeness.

Benefits of Programming Language

  • Programming language is being used by many software companies to develop software.
  • With the help of C# and Windows Communication Foundation(WCF), you can create web services.
  • Using programming languages like C,C++,Pearl etc., you can create CGIs(Common Gateway Interface).
  • Java IDEs like NetBeans is used to develop Java based Applications(User Interfaces).
  • C/C++ is used to develop kernel of operating systems.
  • Graphics programming related to GPU(Graphics Processing Unit) are also done in C language.
  • HipHop Virtual Machine(HHVM) developed by Facebook is wtitten in C++. HHVM translate executed PHP code into x86-64 machine code.
  • Students can also become freelancer and later on can choose the path of entrepreneur by developing windows and web applications.

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